Types of integrated law courses

The integrated law courses focus on what the aspiring individual wants from the course in accordance with their respective education board. For example, an integrated Bachelor of Law (LLB) can be pursued in three education boards namely MP Board, Uttar Pradesh Board and Delhi Board.

These courses are under the Integrated Law Course:

  1. BA LLB - Bachelor of Art and Bachelor of Legislative Law
  2. BBA LLB - Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law
  3. BCom LLB - Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Legislative Law

These are just some of the most popular courses law students opt for, to guide their future careers. Pursuing B. Com LLB will make a student proficient in commercial laws, and they will be an excellent resource for the business clients they serve. Similarly, pursuing BA LLB will make a student an ideal candidate to become a family lawyer, criminal lawyer, labour lawyer, or another similar field. Pursuing BBA LLB will qualify someone to take on a corporate lawyering position instead. Whoever wants to pursue the best law college in MP should opt for a course that best suits their career goals- it is one of the best opportunities anywhere.


For law candidates in India, studying for a Master of Law degree at one of the top LLM colleges in Madhya Pradesh is no easy feat. They must be prepared to put in a lot of hard work and to study long hours just to complete their coursework. They need a high level of research interest. The candidate needs to have strong mental, emotional, and physical stamina throughout their career. They will have good presentation and persuasive skills, as well as be mentally and emotionally resilient to deal with all kinds of people. It is important that they are confident and upfront about what they know. They also need logical intellect and objectivity to succeed in this profession.


Candidates must choose the area of legal specialization they wish to pursue for the rest of their lives when they enrol for an LLM program at one of the leading LLM colleges in Madhya Pradesh. Aspiring candidates are permitted to pursue an LLM degree with a specialization in competition law, constitutional law, environment & media law, business law, family law, administrative law, banking law, healthcare law, contract law, cyber law, education law, real estate law, mergers and acquisitions law, international law, environment law, corporate law, criminal law, civil law, patent law, intellectual property law, The list includes administrative law, business law, and more.

Job opportunities in LLM

Attending an LLM course gives you a versatile skill set that will allow you to choose from various career paths. You can practice law in India after clearing your All India Bar Exam, for positions such as a solicitor, notary public, advocate, legal advisor, judge, or commissioner. Each job position requires you to verify and authenticate what is being discussed or finalized. They also need to act as mediators/arbiters if necessary and present evidence in written form as it would be seen by a court of law. Once each case is settled with the appropriate consent from the other party (that is performed through saying the word "amen"), you prove what has been said to be true by raising your right hand and repeating the words of an oath in the name of God or a Supreme Being.


Students who want to get a good professional foundation in the legal field should apply to the top LLM colleges in Madhya Pradesh. If you apply to the best law college in MP, your résumé will be stronger and more saleable when it's time to find a job.